By Kristiana Cuttler, LMT




Paz: n. Peace, [pause]

= Peace begins with you =


Are you looking to disconnect and recharge your own batteries? You've come to the right place. Too often we are overworked and over stressed in our day to day lives. As a former elementary classroom teacher, Kristiana Cuttler, LMT and owner of PazLifePDX, knows first hand what stress can do to the body and mind. Not only is stress bad for our mental health, but also can create long lasting physical complications, from muscle tightness, pain, digestive issues. Stress even effects us on a cellular level by weakening of connective tissues by the hormone cortisol. On an energetic level, all our energy is trapped in our brain, given to our work.

A massage with Kristiana offers a moment, even if it is just a moment, to yourself. To heal body, mind, and spirit, to draw the energy back to your body, and to reconnect to Self. The modalities offered are unlike traditional Swedish or deep tissue. With Lomi Lomi and Thai massage, the body is no longer segmented. With each pass or flow of a move multiple areas are connected and massaged simultaneously. This work allows your brain to let go and surrender, not knowing where the massage may take you, or what body part will be next. The session should leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Hopefully that little moment of peace will carry on with the rest of your day or week, and be passed on to whomever you happen to meet because paz (peace) begins with you...

Massage + Wellness Offerings...

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi means to "massage" or "knead" in the Hawaiian language. Lomi is described as "…the loving touch. A connection of the heart, hand, and soul with the source of all life" ( Auntie Margaret Machado, Sacred Lomi). This style applies pressure using the forearms, flowing from one area of the body to the next. Unlike Swedish or deep tissue, the strokes performed are long and can travel in all directions along the body, allowing the mind to surrender to relaxation. Kristiana also draws from her toolkit when delivering table work. Other influences in her Lomi Lomi include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Acupressure, Thai, etc.

Thai Massage

Thai bodywork releases stuck energy in your body by stretching, pressing, and rocking the body. Often this is compared to a "yoga massage" as you are taken through different poses to work the energy lines in the body. This modality is done clothed on a soft floor mattress, allowing the weight of the giver to sink deeply into areas of blockage or tension. This massage is like a moving meditation for both giver and receiver, helping the receiver to "let go" of holding patterns and allowing the mind to calm. Thai massage treats the body, mind and spirit, leaving you feeling whole once again, and your muscles invigorated.

Hot Stones Treatments

Smooth basalt river stones are perfect to retain heat to enhance relaxation during massage. Larger Stones are placed along the energy pathways for grounding relaxation, while smaller stones are used to massage other areas of the body simultaneously. The heat allows muscles to ease and is a great reliever for anxiety. Following the sensation of heat as it travels along the skin's surface draws energy downward into deep relaxation. Hot stones can be added to any session or can be a stand alone treatment session.

Now with 2 Locations!

Paz Life NE @ Common Ground Wellness Cooperative

    • 5010 NE 33rd Ave, Portland, OR, 97211

  • Kristiana is part of a diverse wellness community of practitioners ranging from various types of massage, acupuncture, natropathy, chiropractic services, and more.

  • Couples/group bookings available

  • Make it a "massage sandwich" - Facility includes hot tub and sauna for an additional cost

  • For driving instructions, click here.

Paz Life SE @ Home Studio

  • 4924 SE Logus Rd. Milwaukie, OR, 97222

  • Kristiana practices out of her beautiful garden studio.

  • Parking is available!

  • Just 10 minutes from Sellwood or Woodstock neighborhoods.

  • For driving instructions, click here.

What clients are saying...

About Kristiana Cuttler

After going through immense stress as an elementary educator, Kristiana turned to the world of wellness to reconnect with her spirit and find grounding. Experiencing the healing powers of massage and yoga, paired with a desire to share this healing with others who may be going through difficult times, she embarked on a journey to become a massage therapist, in hopes of being able to offer those in need a little peace.

Kristiana studied massage at the McKinnon Bodywork Therapy Center in Oakland, CA. There she studied Swedish massage, deep tissue, acupressure, hot stones massage, and reflexology, and she was drawn to Thai Massage, due to the flowing yoga-like stretches incorporated throughout the session. After studying Hawaiian Lomi Lomi she now mainly uses these techniques, with a Thai twist, and still draws on her ever growing toolbox of modalities to inform her work.

In Kristiana's spare time she enjoys creating art, gardening, and hanging out with her kittens, Vera and Buster.